lucky enough to be born and bred in Byron Bay – back when it was still possible to surf The Pass with a handful of friends, the road to Tallows was dirt and bananas still stood on the hillsides of Wategos.

Throughout Ben’s life the ocean and the lifestyle surrounding it have been pivotal in shaping him as a person and a photographer.

“This rings true even in my earliest memories.  Sitting on the beach with Mum eating apricots – the shimmering surface and cool relief of the water the first time I stepped in – lying in the rain curled up in Dad’s boardbag under Pandanus Palms waiting for him to come in – the crisp invigorating kiss of water droplets during a winter surf – the feeling of a stressful day melting away with the embrace of the ocean.”

Ben works at representing these memories in his work.

“When added up, all these tiny and seemingly insignificant moments I’ve experienced made me who I am. It’s not so much a subject, but rather a tactile, emotional and textural representation of these moments that I aim to convey with my work.”